Advance copies of these two highly-anticipated beauties arrived at the office yesterday: the first two volumes in our EC Comics Library series, Came the Dawn and Other Stories illustrated by Wallace Wood and Corpse on the Imjin! and Other Stories by Harvey Kurtzman et al. Came the Dawn features thrilling crime and suspense stories drawn by Wood (written mostly by Al Feldstein), and Corpse on the Imjin! contains Kurtzman’s masterful and influential war stories illustrated by himself and others. If you didn’t know and hadn’t gathered, the volumes in this new series collect stories by genre and creator, in glorious black and white. (And don’t they look handsome? Series design & art direction by good ol’ Jacob Covey.) This classic material has never been collected this way before, and we’re honored and proud to be doing it!

We’ve already posted excerpts from each book on its respective page with several full stories you can read (plus the tables of contents for your reference), and, of course, stay tuned for further previews. We also have a special deal for our mail-order customers where you can buy both books together for 20% off! Yes, we will have advance copies for sale at SPX next week and at our EC exhibit at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery next month (stay tuned for more about that), and the books are due to hit the shelves in November.

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    I preordered the Kurtzman book. I’ve always preferred his war comics to just about anything else he’s done. And man, his...
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    Anyone want to by these for me?
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    —- I want these books so goddamn bad. If someone at Baltimore wants to grab them for me, I’d be eternally grateful....
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    If you follow me and have even as passing interest in EC, get the shit out of these books.
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