Following some hints and speculation here and there we’re pleased to announce the upcoming 7th book in our EC Comics Library series. In October, just in time for Halloween, Fantagraphics will be casting off Sucker Bait and Other Stories illustrated by Graham “Ghastly” Ingels and written by Al Feldstein et al., a collection of 25 of Ingels’s infamous horror stories from Tales from the CryptShock SuspenStoriesVault of Horror and his showcase title Haunt of Fear.

Reached for comment, noted horror afficionado and editorial kibbitzer Kim Thompson had this to say: “Until I re-read all these stories, I’d forgotten how inventively disgusting Al Feldstein and Graham Ingels could be when they put their minds to it. I can’t imagine any fan of grisly horror passing this up. (The murderous revived rotting elephant alone is worth the price of admission as far as I’m concerned.)”

This hardcover volume will clock in at approximately 208 pages and, like the other volumes in the series, be presented in glorious black and white.

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