In a couple of months we have a new reprint of The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 5: Happy Hippy Comix coming your way, and we got an advance sample copy to show off to you. As you might surmise from the title, this volume has some of Crumb’s most transgressive and drug-influenced stuff, with Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, and Angelfood McSpade all taking star turns, among other kooky characters, in material from Zap, Snatch and elsewhere. Plus Janis Joplin! It’s wild, man! The original edition brought in a 1991 Harvey Award for Best Domestic Reprint Project and Booklist had this to say:

"Fantagraphics’ Crumb project advances into wilder, woolier, scarier, more fantastic, and lewder and still lewder territory in [Volume 5]… This is definitely X-rated material — make that triple-X! — but it’s brilliant, scabrously hilarious, absolutely basic to understanding the 1960s American counterculture, and authentically mind-blowing."

In other words, don’t miss it! We’ll have a bunch more preview snapshots for you soon; in the meantime, hop on the early pre-order train right here.

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