"The most beautiful piece of Americana made in years. Every page Forsman draws is a minimalist masterpiece. Huge and heartbreaking. A modern triumph disguised as an episode of Peanuts.” – Matt Seneca

"The awkwardness, the urgency, the sense of discovery, the sense of revulsion — it’s all true, even if you’ve never stuck your own hand in a garbage disposal." – Sean T. Collins

"Great stuff." – Frank Santoro

”[TEOTFW] exemplifies what exactly it is I love about comics. It’s lo-fi yet stylistic, subtle yet visceral – a version of Bonnie and Clyde bled through the lens of Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park.” – Spandexless

"This is a crime comic disguised as a slacker-road-trip comic, and Forsman delivers its methodical hum eight pages at a time with an astounding precision." – Comic Book Resources

”[TEOTFW] pulls you in like no other comic this year. Stunning in its simplicity and brave in its subject matter.” – MTV.com

The End of the Fucking World (TEOTFW)
by Charles Forsman

176-page black & white 5” x 6.5” softcover • $19.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-667-6

Due to arrive in about 2-3 weeks. Click the thumbnails for larger versions; get more info, see more previews and pre-order your copy here:


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