From the editorial offices of The Comics Journal comes the latest TCJ Library edition, The Comics Journal Library Vol. 8: The EC Artists (Part 1)! This hefty oversized book, edited by TCJ co-editor Michael Dean, includes feature-length interviews with Will Elder, Bill Gaines, Al FeldsteinJohnny Craig, Frank Frazetta, Joe KubertHarvey Kurtzman, George Evans, Al Jaffee, and John Severin — some from the pages of TCJ, some from other sources, some expanded from previous appearances, and some published here for the first time! Together they form the first part (yes, there will be a Part 2) of a wide-ranging oral history of the greatest mainstream comic book publisher, amply illustrated in black & white and color. The perfect companion to our EC Comics Library series and a must for any EC fan or student of comics history!

Stand by for more sneak peeks, and reserve your copy by pre-ordering now for delivery in November (subject to change).

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