"Isolated and longing to connect, Chuck Forsman’s Wolf reminds me of other great characters like Charlie Brown and Holden Caulfield. Celebrated Summer is a primal scream drawn in a casual, hypnotic monotone. Few comics are this soulful. Few cartoonists can make work this assured.” – James Sturm

"I love the spare elegance of Chuck’s storytelling style. I also love, in this book in particular, his relaxed approach to examining the lives of his characters." – Chester Brown

"…Forsman is one of the strongest and most vital young cartoonists currently putting pen to paper — not to mention one of the most fully, uniquely realized." – The A.V. Club

Celebrated Summer
by Charles Forsman

68-page 7.75” x 10.25” black & white flexibound softcover • $16.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-685-0

Due to arrive in about 1-3 weeks. Click the thumbnails for larger versions; get more info, see more previews and pre-order your copy here:


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